Local Creeks     
Local Creeks, November and December, 2008
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Peterskill, just upstream of the Rondout Creek. Peterskill Creek, at Alligerville, New York

Peterskill, at Alligerville swimming hole. Peterskill Creek, at Alligerville swimming hole

Sawkill, at about 6500 cfs on the Esopus guage at Mount Marion. This picture was
taken just about the time that the Esopus peaked. There wasn't much wet rock, so
the Sawkill is probably very close to peak, also. You'll see later that the tree
isn't the only reason to avoid the center.
Sawkill Creek, near Woodstock, New York

Sawkill Creek, near Kingston, New York, at high water

Sawkill Creek, near Ulster, New York

Sorry, not much eddy service at this level. Surf wave on Sawkill Creek

About 50 feet downstream.

Another 50 feet downstream.

Looking upstream from the bridge.