Rochester Creek and Moodna   March 15, 2011   
Rochester Creek and Moodna Creek, March 15, 2011
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Optional 8' waterfall at the DeWitt Road put in. Watch out for the ledge that sticks out a couple of feet at the bottom. Eight foot waterfall on Rochester Creek.

The easy put in just below the waterfall is much easier on your boat, and maybe your back. Easy put in on Rochester Creek.

Looking back upstream at the first strainer, all of 50 yards below the put in.

The next strainer was perhaps half a mile or so downstream. Two of us squeezed under the left end,
but the creek boats were floating a bit too high for that.
A large tree layimng across the creek.

About a mile and a half into the run is an old dam with a drop of about 4 feet. At some levels
the hole looks really sticky, but Jeff thought it looked just fine at the modest levels we had.
Jeff paddles over the small drop at the old dam on Rochester Creek.

Below the Dug Road access Rochester Creek is a bit more challenging, and consists mostly of a lot of small ledge drops. Jeff tries to play at one of the ledge drops.

Andrew watches Jordan at one of the ledges. Jordan finds his line at one of the ledge drops.