Home page instructions    

Here are the instructions to use the Kayaker's Home Page as your own customized home page when your browser opens. You could simply point your browser to it, but there's no reason to do that. By saving it on your own computer it will be faster, you can customize it, and it will work even if my site is down for any reason.

1. First, you should create a new directory for the home page. I use a folder called "HomePage" since that's what's in the folder, and I have it on my boot drive (usually the C:/ drive).

2. Next you'll need to save the following files to the folder you just created. To save them, just right click and choose the choice that says something along the lines of "save link target as", browse to the folder, and click save.
Kayaker's Home Page
kccny logo
npmb logo
google logo.gif
google maps logo.gif
USGS guage page
background image

3. Open a new browser window (CTRL N will do that for you, while keeping this instruction page open), then click file, open, and browse to open "kayak_home.html" and then set it as your new home page. If you're not sure how to set a page as your home page you can find instructions here.

4. Customize the page. A few things on the page were designed for where I live, so you'll presumably want to change them. The weather report is for Poughkeepsie, which is probably a lot farther from you than it is from me. Google Maps opens with your home someplace far from center, and perhaps you'd like to change that. Google Directions is set to get you from Campmor to Monksville Reservoir. You can change it, or you can just drag the start and end arrows for any directions you need whenever you want to plan a trip. You can even add or delete other links to suit your preferences. None of it is difficult, and you can do it all with some simple cutting and pasting, without knowing anything about writing a web page. It's really just plain English, so just right click here and save the easy instructions. Saving them with all of the other files, in the folder you just created would be a good idea.