Rondout Creek      
Rondout Creek, February 28, 2009
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After several weeks of mostly very cold weather, we finally got some
warmish weather, along with a bit of rain. It had been exactly two months
since the last time I had been out, and it was sunny, and about 36°, and
the level came up to 10.5' (about 940cfs).

We decided that there is a runnable line for High Falls, way over on river right, where the dip of
the bedrock makes a ramp that leads down parallel to the small dam running along the top of
the falls. I'm sure somebody would have tried it, but our boats had all been carried to the
bottom of the hill already, so we just used the usual put in.

High Falls on the Rondout Creek

Dave and Rob discuss the optimum line.

Meanwhile, Jennifer waits in the eddy below, since she didn't want
to start her day by burying her face in all that frothy snow melt.

Having pointed out the line, Dave gets ready
to go first. There's a video clip on page 3.

Rob lines up.