Rondout Creek      
Rondout Creek, February 28, 2009
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Somewhere in the foam there's a lip to be boofed.

The V hole at the upstream end is the Eye Ripper proper. When it's high enough to run,
the wash out is fairly powerful and turbulent. It can be played at higher levels, but if you
flip it doesn't take long to wash downstream. I seem to always need at least two tries to
roll up, probably because I'm not quite up as I wash past the rocks at the downstream side of
the picture. Between the run out and the cold water, none of us wanted to play in it today.

The Eye Ripper rapid on the Rondout Creek

If you don't roll up soon enough or you take a swim there's a chance you could
find yourself taking the center line through the next drop, which features a wide
hole that will almost certainly offer some quality time before letting you go.

While looking at High Falls before putting on, I mentioned what it looked like during a good flood.
This is a flow of about 25,000cfs on April 3, 2005. It's only 50 to 60 feet from the "No Swimming"
sign to the lip of the dam at the top of the falls, and the water at the base of the sign is a good 4
to 5 feet higher than the lip of the dam. The water flowing over the lip was at least 3 feet deep.

High Falls on the Rondout Creek, during a flood.

Little Falls on the Rondout Creek.

This is at a flow of perhaps 6 to 7,000cfs. At lower levels this is a fairly calm spot with
a good eddy for squirting on river right. Notice the small waves that are parallel to
the downstream current at the left side of the picture .