Rondout Creek   March 7, 2009     

Rondout Creek, March 7, 2009

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For the first time in two months it was nice and warm (about 54°), and it was sunny, too.
The level was 10.1, which is about 670cfs. Unfortunately, at least 1/3 of that was running
through the hydroelectric plant instead of over Little Falls.

That left Little Falls a bit lower than we would have liked.

Most of the group decided it was too low, and put in below the drop.

Four of us decided that there was more than enough water. Probably only a few cfs
more than enough, but it was runnable.

Andy's line was just about perfect, but even in the right spot we scraped a bit going over the lips.

Ed is looking pretty good.

Somehow he did this, anyway. He probably penciled in a bit, and surfaced
sideways and close to the seam. Yes, he rolled up.

Here's a tight shot of Jo-Ann, with almost perfect timing on the shutter release.
You can see how her boat drags on the lip and pivots as her hips pass it.