Rondout Creek      

Rondout Creek, March 7, 2009

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Cameron was quick enough to get shots of me at both parts of the drop.

I'm not sure how deep it is, but is there a line there if we get rid of the log at the bottom?

Here's an easy line down the right corner of the falls. Notice the valve at the top of the dam,
and the dark gap in the rocks at the level of the slide.

Unfortunately, you're probably going to get stuffed into this undercut with rocks in the outflow.

Here's a view from the bottom, showing the dip of the slide.

And another view of the rocks in the undercut. The dark hole at the left is where the valve can release water. Maybe with more water coming down the corner, and if we could get that valve opened a bit...

There are also pictures from other Rondout trips here (a week ago) and here (last summer),
as well as some shots from another section of the river.